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Due to spam we now require DJs to sign in before applying for jobs.

When applying for jobs:

1) Add your DJ name (exactly the same as your profile).

2) Add your email address (you want notifications to come to).

3) Add your profile URL.

4) Add the title of the job you’re applying for (i.e DJ Wanted in Maldives). Do not forget this, otherwise we won’t know what job you’ve applied for.

5) Once you have applied you will be redirected to the jobs page and will receive a confirmation email.

Before sending your application: The application form has been streamlined. We take DJ prices direct from profile pages now. Ensure your pricing section does not say “contact me” or “depends on event”. Take the time to put proper pricing down for local, national and international gigs. You can always add “I am happy to negotiate on prices” and we’ll make sure that’s listed on the price list sent to the booker.

Successful DJs will be contacted via the email address given on the application form. Please ensure your email address is fully working and that our email is accepted by your spam filters.