DJ Cedric Anderson

  • Leamington Spa, UK
  • Funky House
  • Nu Disco
  • Soulful House

paul borkowski

  • Exeter, UK
  • Big Room
  • House Music
  • Open Format


  • London, UK
  • Deep House
  • House Music
  • Open Format


  • Deep House
  • Minimal Techno
  • Tech House

Dee UK Nyce

  • South Harrow, UK
  • Club Anthems
  • Soulful House
  • Urban Music
  • Commercial
  • House Music
  • Open Format

DJ Larizzle

  • London, UK
  • House Music
  • RnB
  • Urban Music

Dj Eclipse

  • London, UK
  • DnB
  • House Music
  • Open Format


  • London , UK
  • Dancehall
  • Hip Hop
  • Rap

What is an open format DJ?

An open format DJ is someone who can play a set of music from any genre. Another name you may hear them called is a Multi Genre DJ. They are a great choice to book for events because they are very versatile. They can either mix a specific genre or mix a number of different genres for you.

Can you help me find a DJ?

Please contact us with details about your event. We will be able to connect you with the best multi genre DJs.

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Question: Why should I book an open format DJ for my event?

Answer: This type of DJ is perfect for your event. Why? Because they have the ability to play any style of music for you. For example:

- If you just want to choose one main genre at your event, they can play it for you.

- Would you like to choose a few different genres for the DJ to play? They can play them for you.

- If you want the DJ to play a set including multiple genres of their own choice, they'll be able to do it.

Question: Aren't they just DJs who play everything like a mobile DJ?

Answer: No. An open format DJ is highly skilled. They can blend and mix between genres with ease. They are as versatile as a mobile DJ music wise but as skilled as a club DJ mixing wise.

Question: Can you give me some more examples?

Answer: Yes.

Say you loved indie rock and pop from 80's acts - such as James, The Stone Roses, Pixies or The Smiths - an open format DJ could play a perfect set for you. Say you wanted them to also play 90's indie such as The Happy Mondays and 90s brit pop acts such as Blur - no problem. They could play you a themed set that builds through all of those genres. You can pick any genre you want or ask for as many genres as you want. This is why open format DJing is so popular now.

Question: Can you give me any tips for hiring this type of DJ?

Answer: The best tip we can give you is have a proper idea of what you want them to play. Remember, you have the choice to plan the set. Think about the genres you want and break it down into sections. So if you hired someone for 4 hours, you could have:

  1. First hour: 80s Music
  2. Second Hour: 90s Dance Music
  3. Third Hour: House Music
  4. Fourth Hour: Club Classics

You could do this for any genres you like!

Question: What types of events would multi genre DJs suit?

Answer: Any type of event. Being able to mix between genres means they will suit all events. They are perfect to book for corporate events, product launces and private events. Even nightclubs if the DJ is doing an open to close set!

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