Job Info

  • Location:Leeds, West Yorkshire, UK
  • Gig Type:Bar DJ Residency
  • Music:House, Melodic, Dance, Anthems & Urban
  • Salary:£50 to £70 per hour

Job Description

We are presently helping a bar in Leeds recruit a new resident DJ. They would like to find a DJ to join their team and work twice per week. Sets will be on Friday and Saturday nights. 5 hours work per night (between 9pm and 2am). The successful applicant will play up-to-date commercial music that fits in with a late night bar. To mix genres such as house, dance, melodic, anthems and urban. Must have a current DJ mix on profile with these genres.

Specification / Requirements

- To play genres ideal for a late night bar such as house, dance, melodic, anthems and urban.

- Be up-to-date with the latest commercial music.

- Have a DJ mix on your profile showcasing mixing and music.

- Highly skilled mixing various genres.

- Pro user of industry standard DJ equipment.

- Experience in a similar position is desirable.

- Full time weekly DJ residency.

- Every Friday and Saturday.

- At least 5 hours work per night.

- Hourly rate between £50 and £70 (TBN).

Apply now by sending a cover email (with experience details) along price quote.

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