Guest DJ Wanted for Bar in Southampton

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Guest DJ Wanted for Bar in Southampton

We are presently helping a bar in Southampton find a DJ for an event. They want to hire a DJ to play from 8pm to 2am on 10/05/2018. The DJ will play an open format style of music with the latest big tracks. It's an ideal gig for a local DJ who plays genres such as dance, house & commercial. As well as being a good mixer, the DJ will manage sound levels well during their set. With the gig being 6 hours, it's essential to be confident and know when to play the right tracks. Experience at bars or clubs needed, as well as a recent demo mix. The bar would like price quotes (price TBN).

Posted: 07/03/2019.
Music: Open Format, House, Dance & Commercial Urban.
Where: Southampton, UK.
When: 10/05/2019.
Salary: DJs to send price quotes.
Closing Date: 26/04/2019.

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