Greater London, UK


Shortly for me: My name is Veselin Petrov (VeselinPetroff) 23y/o born in Bulgaria but moved and based in LondonUk now. I mostly love to play TechHouse and Minimal/DeepTech House music at the moment I’m not working anywhere as a Dj but I used to be booked in some of the best clubs around my city. Moved here because the club culture is on another level and there is much bigger audience so here I am now starting from the beginning. If matters My equipment: Roland Tr8s, Roland TB-3, TraktorS8, Pioneer rmx1000, macAir13, aiaiai TMA-2.

Music Genres

I play the following music genres:

  • Deep House
  • Electronic
  • Funky House
  • House Music
  • Minimal Techno
  • Tech House
  • Techno
  • Vocal House

DJ Mixes

Listen to my latest mix sets below. If you would like to hear more, contact me.

Booking Info

  • £50 to £100 per set
  • 7 to 14 Days Notice

Hire For

  • DJ Residencies
  • Festivals
  • Nightclubs

Technical Rider

  • Power Outlet
  • Sound System

Booking Form

If you would like to hire me for your event fill out my contact form below and I'll reply asap.

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