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About TP One

TP One, a pioneer of the electronic music scene, embarked on his DJing journey in 1994, captivating crowds in a multitude of clubs and electrifying events worldwide.
With a remarkable career spanning decades, TP One's magnetic sets graced renowned gatherings like Ruhr In Love, Street Parade, Sundance Festival, and countless others.
Stepping beyond the decks, TP One ventured into music production in 2004, quickly establishing himself with over 40 releases, remixes and bootlegs from Hans Zimmer and Shostakovic, that resonated with fans and fellow artists alike.
Amongst all the releases are various collaborations with Ben van Gosh, label A&R D'Arcangel, where he started a kind of world tour in music.
It started with "African Sunrise" and continued with "Heart Of Corse" (More countries will follow), Pittarius Code, Sieber & Stavnstrup.
His innovative soundscapes and rhythmic explorations pushed the boundaries of electronic music, leaving an indelible mark on the industry.
In a visionary move, TP One embraced the role of Label Owner in 2020, founding TranZone Recordings. With an ear attuned to cutting-edge sounds, he nurtured emerging talent and propelled the label to prominence. DJ TP One's enduring passion and boundless creativity have solidified his legacy as a luminary in the global electronic music landscape.

"Have fun with what you do and never give up".

TP One

(in addition to the fee, the flight and the hotel have to be paid by the organizer. possibly for two persons)

Booking Info

Location: Sissach, Switzerland

Price Per Gig: £50 to £100 per set

Booking Notice: 1 to 3 Months

Hire Me For: Corporate Events, Festivals, Nightclubs

Technical Rider: CDJs, DJ Monitors, Mixer, Sound System, USB Hub

Music Genres:

  • Progressive House
  • Techno
  • Trance

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