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About Self Self

Richard Seeley and Andreas Geogiades have known each other and have been friends for over 20 years and are both based in Herts just north of London, England.

Having both grown up with a heavy influence of varying musical genres it's not surprising they should end up settling into the diverse electronic music scene.

Whilst in their early years Georgiades had a more rock and band influenced youth, such as Pink Floyd and Manowar where as Seeley was more into the 90's rave scene.

Shortly after the pair met Seeley introduced Georgiades to electronic music and the blending and mixing of vinyl records on turntables.

Fast forward a few years they set up several events and promotions and ran some parties in the mid 2000's in the home counties where they played at every event and had surprise guests. Georgiades began playing in Poland and Invited Seeley over to play on several occasions in an an underground spot in Lodz.

By this time Seeley was already producing his own tracks and had some releases that were impressing label owners and DJ's alike.

The ‘Mas Profundo EP was signed on Radioslave’s imprint Rekids and was placed at number 1 on Radioslave's Sex at the Berghain chart.

Seeley also had several releases on V.V.V.W.I. With his debut on the label being a 12" vinyl release 'Juicy Vermin' EP which also happened to be the debut release for Tim Sheridan’s newly formed label. Very Very Very Wrong Indeed.

Subsequently this was snapped up by Ellen Allien the founder and owner of the esteemed label bpitch Control for her Boogey Bytes CD; mixed by Allien herself.

To further merit the production work John Digweed favored Seeley's track The Curly Bubbles to open up his show on Kiss FM. and Darren Emerson from the former Live act 'Underworld' commissioned a remix of Au Go Go which saw Seeley deliver an impressive remix of Emerson and 'Empire of the Sun' Vocalist Nick Littlemore's original.

In between the production time both had gigs in the UK, Berlin and Poland. From the legendary fabric, Matter, Kater Holzig, Music Bar, Turnmills, The Key, The Cross, and Egg to name a few.

Seeley worked closely with Georgiades and decided to set up the label Glue music. Following a debut EP from Seeley himself The 'Black Room' EP Glue Music had heavy weight producers such as Bruno Pronsato, Pheek, Andreas Georgiades, Eddie Richards, Public Lover and Sierra Sam also appearing on the label. Andreas himself released the ‘Rude Bishop’ EP on Glue music cementing a review on Resident Advisor with a proud score of 4/5

Following the success of the labels releases Glue Music had their first and only label night in Berlin at the now closed Kater Holzig with Pronsato headlining and with the end of the party that’s when things were intentionally slowed down for the pair..

During their hiatus music was still very much a part of their lives however, other projects and family took a priority until 2015-16 when the pair built a large purpose-built studio and they decided to set up Self Self records and Self Self for a collaborative artist guise.

They have been working on new material right through until 2019 where you can look forward to a new chapter of production and performances.

Booking Info

Location: London, UK

Price Per Gig: £750 to £1500 per set

Booking Notice: 7 to 14 Days

Hire Me For: Festivals, Nightclubs, Overseas Contracts

Technical Rider: CDJs, DJ Monitors, Mixer, Power Outlet, Sound System, USB Hub

Music Genres:

  • Deep House
  • House Music
  • Minimal Techno
  • Techno

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