Ryan Eberhardt

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About Ryan Eberhardt

My Godfathers brother inspired me to start playing the drums from a very early age. I listened to him play at various family events and quickly became inspired to learn and started lessons at school. My sister's boyfriend at the time was a very talented session bass player who introduced me to artists such as James Brown, Jamiroquai and The Red Hot Chilli Peppers. Over the following 10 years or so I dedicated myself to this instrument passing my grades, playing in various bands and teaching. I then reached a point of frustration relying on others in a band format and took to the idea of producing music on my own and DJing for the live experience. I taught myself how to mix on vinyl initially and then CDJs whilst simultaneously learning how to produce music in Logic & Ableton. I quickly caught the bug and dedicated years to refining my productions, collecting records and creating a unique sound routed in uplifting Soul, Funk, Disco, House and Hip Hop music with Latin and Afro flavours which has since led to bookings at many events across London and the South. In 2014 The Academy of Contemporary Music accepted my application for the Music Production BA Hons course which I excelled in and during this time I managed to secure a very interesting job working part time as the Music Programming Manager for a popular local music venue, bar and club. I am very proud of my achievements in this role and look forward to new opportunities where my existing skills can be built upon and new skills developed.

Booking Info

Location: London, UK

Price Per Gig: £200 to £400 per set

Booking Notice: 1 to 3 Days

Hire Me For: Bars

Technical Rider: CDJs

Music Genres:

  • Deep House

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