Pedro Manafaia

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About Pedro Manafaia

Pedro has lived an exciting and eventful life in music. Originally from Lisbon, Portugal, he started playing as a resident DJ aged only 16. That was back in the 80’s, when electronic music was just beginning to take over the world.
Pedro’s first love was house and techno. However, in those days there wasn’t the separation of styles that we have today. If it was good, you could play it. This attitude still lives on in Pedro’s sets today.
At the start of the 90’s, Pedro thought it would be great to play his own music in his DJ sets, so took the plunge into music production. During this time, he met Mario Henriques and Sergio Barbosa, who asked him to join them in their live techno project, Huma-Noyd.
Huma-Noyd quickly became one of the biggest electronic acts in Portugal. Throughout the 90’s, Pedro played with them at the largest live events and the biggest clubs across Portugal. Huma-Noyd played alongside such stellar names as Carl Cox, Roger Sanchez, Plastikman, Eric Morillo, The Advent and more.
Huma-Noyd also released hit records on several techno labels. The project is still going strong today, led by Mario Henriques.
After Huma-Noyd, Pedro travelled the world, DJing on-board large cruise ships for Royal Caribbean International and Carnival Cruise Lines. Pedro’s speciality was entertaining different types of crowd. He’d play at house and techno nights, as well as Latin, funk, even reggaeton back at the start of the 2000’s (long before this type of music became popular in Europe).
Pedro then spent a couple of seasons in Ibiza working for Fiesta Hotels, where he ran the entertainment at the Hotel Don Carlos in Sta Eulalia. He would also DJ at Fiesta’s other hotels across the island whenever he could.
Right now, Pedro is based in the South of England, near Gatwick Airport. He produces his own tracks and remixes under a few different names including SanPeter, Pete Faia and Pedro Manafaia. He also runs a DJ business and a record label, Apollo Flash Records.
Techno and House are still the styles he loves to play, but just like back in the day, his DJ sets take the crowd on a journey through many different styles and eras, much depending on the crowd. When Pedro plays, it’s not uncommon to hear a classic gem seamlessly mixed in with the latest house or techno banger. It’s what keeps Pedro’s sets fresh and sets him apart from the herd.

Booking Info

Location: Smallfield , UK

Price Per Gig: £200 to £400 per set

Booking Notice: 3 to 7 Days

Hire Me For: DJ Residencies

Technical Rider: CDJs

Music Genres:

  • Deep House
  • House Music
  • Tech House
  • Techno

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