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About officialcashybank

From defying all odds, dreaming at an early age to be an impact in the music industry to leaving out his reality by becoming one of the fastest rising acts in the industry, the breath taking Ca$hybank is set to win the hearts of hundreds of thousands of fans and music lovers across the world and he is hoping to become a household name for the effortless delivery of amazing performance, catchy sounds and a perfect blend of music that constantly melt the hearts of his listeners worldwide.
The New York based DJ is well known for his amazing artistry and performance that grabs attention in moments the audience cannot get enough of, giving them a euphoric feeling that keeps them asking for more. Complimenting with his passion for fresh vibes and catchy performance, his unique blend of music will leave you stunned every time he performs. Ca$hybank has managed to remain strong in his desire to carve out his unique piece. He has shown that it is possible to find a happy medium between playing music and creativity.
As a prolific DJ that he is, he draws his inspirations from performers in the industry like Skrillex, 12Planet, Extension, DJ Battlecat, etc. He has performed in major events and with every experience, his skill sets have been expanded and he is currently DJ for the night in most clubs. His goal is to make sure the crowd feel high energy, hyped up
Using social media as a veritable platform to reach out to his fans worldwide, Ca$hybank has made his different social media pages an engaging hub to know more about his inspiring moments, and performance on his media platforms and website.

Booking Info

Location: bronx, United States

Price Per Gig: £100 to £200 per set

Booking Notice: 3 to 7 Days

Hire Me For: Corporate Events, DJ Residencies, Festivals, Nightclubs

Technical Rider: DJ Monitors, Power Outlet, USB Hub

Music Genres:

  • Dubstep

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