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About Jota Jota DJ

Jota Jota DJ,
born in 1990 in Portugal “Lisbon” descendant of an African family, 
DJ Jota Jota with a very interesting energy for any stage,
What drives him to pursuit Djlifestyle is the passion for music and the ability to entertain and bring together different groups of people in a free or enclosed space and share the best , Music and good energy, make the party Rock all night\day .

His good spirit attracts a very positive vibe to the audience, the sound of music, with some percussion, surprises and smiles are always expected f, with a good repertoire of culture and rhythm. Worldmusic and Pure House is impossible to stop dancing .

DJ for just over 8 years and Taking the DJ course in 2016, at the I4DJ Center in Lisbon/Benfica,
Participating in the same year in a championship organized by Pioneer "SKILLS DJ CHALLENGE 2016" at International level 135 registered djs, in order to create a 15 min Routine, exhibiting techniques and creativity with various styles of music, fortunately and with great pride staying in 2 Place in the Competition showing great technical and very high musical performance.
Resident in several Night Clubs across Portugal (Patrimonio, Estaleiro, Hawaii)
Having had an excellent job in other countries across Europe
( London, Ireland, Spain )
His Dream is perform a tour across World Africa for the first time :)

Music style.

With the ability to play any style of music such as,
(Hip Hop, Dance Hall, Trap, Commercial, Kizomba, Latin…), JoTa JoTa has as its Strong Style ( House, Afro House (percussion), Deep House, Afrobeat ) and diferente crowds .

My Goals.
May his music and best energy be shared around the world with good vibes ,
Without any representative or agency, Jota Jota DJ, are looking for an agency / promoter that will help me to reach and share his DJ work with as many people as possible l . So that he and his and agency can spread his music in different events/parties in the Netherlands and around the world and pursue it the Dj Lifestyle .

Booking Info

Location: Lisboa, Portugal

Price Per Gig: £500 to £1000 per set

Booking Notice: 3 to 7 Days

Hire Me For: DJ Residencies

Technical Rider: USB Hub

Music Genres:

  • Dancehall

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