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JOHNSTER - DJ Artist. 30+ years of experience returning.

Good Day,

2019, the year I'm returning to the decks after a multi year "sabbatical". After a few dozen successful gigs this year... I'm now available through DJAgency. Shady agencies, promoters and practices were just one of the reasons for my long term absence. The music brought me back...

>>>> Please subscribe to my mixcloud as more frequent updates are to be expected from this point moving forward. <<<<
Quality is timeless though... :-)

For everybody knowing me, you might still find some facts here.
BUT for everybody NOT knowing me, allow to introduce myself:

-Dutch, where the DJ champs come from.
-DJ since a very young age and an industry PRO since 1984.
-Progressive flowing with all musical trends and technology, always 1 step ahead.
-Really Into "controllerism" right now.
-Developed an exceptional feel for audience and environmental atmosphere.
-Owns an very 80.000+ tracks music library.
-International since the late 90's.
-Been playing a very large variety of clubs and venue's.
-Been playing a very large variety of occasions.
-Considered the Stylish Soulful #1 DJ in the world.
-Find information on my musical style here.
-Worked with many industry heavyweights.

Shameless pitch:

Q: John, where and why have you been hiding?

A: I've never intended to.
It just happened to be so. Over the years there always have been and still are a very select group of fans and customers.
Mostly located in the Netherlands, UK and Germany.
Recently I gave it a serious thought on how to expose myself to a larger audience. Right now, you're reading the result of that. The experience and inspiration of playing worldwide is stacking up and you will benefit.

Q: John, can I book you for every possible event? Anywhere?

A: Yes! However I do recommend to check out my mixcloud first, to convince yourself I'm suitable for your audience. Bare in mind mixcloud mixes are just "snapshots". Being in front of a crowd or audience mostly require last minute adjustments. I've great results at all kind of events, but similarly events could have different audiences attending.

Q: John, I hear you use terms like "WORLD CLASS" and "WORLD FAMOUS"...

A: That's what it is! I'm always equipped with the best and most reliable tools on the market today and tomorrow.
My skills can compete and beat the world famous. :-)
I've been lined up with a lot of them and consider most as friends. Like I can recommend them, they will recommend me.
Please take some time to check out this Page.

Q: John, I saw some previous video footage, but can you give me a sample of an actual live DJ set recording?
A: I'm more than happy you ask. What you ask for is located on my mixcloud.

Q: John, what does all this mean for me and how can I BENEFIT from it?

A: If YOU don't want to go for second best, YOU came to the right place.

All the experience I bring in guarantees:
YOUR guests will be stunning and praise YOU as the cool great über visionary genius mastermind event planner promoter organizer.
Now, I'm asking: How does that sound?

I'm offering a WORLD CLASS DJ Show.

I understand and will create the perfect atmosphere your venue or event demands. I understand your audience, I'm sure not the average DJ, but takes it to the highest possible level. I'm NOT a human jukebox, but will present you with a great DJ set containing my personal handpicked selection recordings, optimized for the given occasion. This will take you on a musical round trip experience. I can take it really slow or take you all the way through the roof, enhanced with my specialized flavors from Jazzy Lounge, Mashed up Eclectic sounds to Rocking Electro, with Soulful Funky Vocal Groovy house tunes in between.

Q: John, I would like to know more, what's your fee and what is included?

A: Included is THIS.

Johnster main DJ show includes:
Always included:
17" MacBook Pro UniBody (stability first)
2x High-Tech DJ Techtools CUSTOMIZED midi controllers
Motu UL Mk3 external soundcard (the best)
Sennheiser HD25 & IE8 monitoring (ultra precise control)
80.000+ tracks Music Database
Well dressed performer with perfect mindset.
2h. DJ Set time (Longer or shorter set times TBN)

NOTE: Everything multi voltage, will work worldwide.

Fee: TBN depending on a few variables.

Don't hesitate, please contact if any questions left. Almost everything is possible!

I will not bargain to get the highest possible fee like most agency's.
DJagency is not a regular middleman agency. It's a fair and unique place.
The price is fixed and will surprise you, it's very competitive and affordable compared to other world famous DJ's mostly at quadruple my offer.

Just contact me. No obligations.

Take Care. John.


SOME references:
The list goes on and on... just a few resent moments.


Art Producties - Rotterdam
Dechesne en Boertje - Muiden
Maître Frédéric - Bergschenhoek
Golfclub - Wassenaar
Spijker Cars - Zeewolde
Xando Apple Store - Enschede, Nijmegen, Zwolle
vd Ende Theater Producties
Landgoed Duin Kruidberg - Santpoort
Van Nelle Ontwerpfabriek - Rotterdam
Parnassia aan Zee - Bloemendaal aan Zee
Kasteel Amerongen - Amerongen
Weddingandplanning (NL & B)
Kema - Arnhem
Kookerij - Noordwijkerhout
De Fabrique - Maarsen
Go4Events - Alblasserdam
BonBon Partyservice - Alblasserdam
Fortress - Amsterdam/Rotterdam
Grand Hotel Huis ter Duin - Noordwijk
Punto Pasta - Enschede
Hotels van Oranje - Noordwijk
Hotel Des Indes - The Haque


Rosmarin - Ludwigshafen
ERFA Touristik 2000
Airport - Dortmund
Scala - Münster
Club Zak - Uelsen
Club A30 - Ibbenbueren
Club AURA - Ibbenbueren
Club INDEX - Schuettorf

-Dutch Caribbean

It rains fishes - Bonaire
Sense - Bonaire
Plaza Beach Resort - Bonaire


Been on-stage with:
(Yes, useless blatend name dropping... )

-Tod Terry
-Barbara Tucker
-DJ Winkelman
-Terry Jam
-Eddie C.
-Chris Liebing
-Norman Soares
-Roger Sanchez
-Martijn 10Velden
-James Zabeila
-DJ Antoine
-Kenny Dope
-Michael Gray
-Alex Christensen
-Paul van Dyk
-Giel Beelen
-John Aquavia
-Ron Carrol
-Jay J.
-Woody van Eyden
-Boogie Pimps
-DJ Piere
-Femke Krone
-Jesse Garcia
-Gregor Salto
-DJ Sneak
-Tony Humphries
-Grant Nelson
-Brian Tappert
-CJ Mackintosh
-George Morel
-Roy Davis JR
-DJ Gregory
-Kurt Maverick
-Dr. Kucho
-Sandy Rivera
-Franklin Rodrigues
-Jamie Lewis
-Nick Warren
-Fedde le Grand
-Steve "silk" Hurley
-Jask (Fl)
-Don Diablo
-Simon Dunmore

& many many others...


Music Genres

I play the following music genres:

  • EDM
  • House Music
  • Open Format
  • Vocal House

DJ Mixes

Listen to my latest mix sets below. If you would like to hear more, contact me.

Booking Info

  • £500 to £1000 per set
  • 1 to 3 Days Notice

Hire For

  • Bars
  • Corporate Events
  • DJ Residencies
  • Festivals
  • Holiday Resorts
  • Nightclubs
  • Overseas Contracts
  • Promo Events

Technical Rider

  • Power Outlet
  • Sound System

Booking Form

If you would like to hire me for your event fill out my contact form below and I'll reply asap.

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