London, UK


I started my music journey about 2 years ago. I went to a few festivals and fell in love with the good vibes and how everyone was happy and realised the DJ was the one who was in control of this. I decided to enrol on the six month DJ course at Subbass Academy and have had the opportunity to play at Ministry of Sound, private gigs and just for fun. I continue to build my experience and will play mostly because I enjoy music and I love to see everyone buzzing on the dance floor. I think also what is important is punctuality, integrity and being friendliness. I want to also build upon my relationships with people and have them know that they can always count on me.

Music Genres

I play the following music genres:

  • Deep House
  • Funky House
  • House Music
  • Progressive House
  • Tech House
  • Techno

DJ Mixes

Listen to my latest mix sets below. If you would like to hear more, contact me.

Booking Info

  • £50 to £100 per set
  • 7 to 14 Days Notice

Hire For

  • Bars
  • DJ Residencies
  • Festivals
  • Holiday Resorts
  • Nightclubs

Technical Rider

  • CDJs
  • USB Hub

Booking Form

If you would like to hire me for your event fill out my contact form below and I'll reply asap.

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