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About Flucamin

Being an oldie in the industry he’s gained extensive experience and knowledge in the 90’s. With a residency at Alcatraz in Delft (NL) and multiple gigs in The Netherlands as well as Luxembourg. Last year he returned to the scene with renewed passion and digital embrace. His age and knowledge are now a great benefit as he knows like no other how to read the crowd. He incorporates the vibes they express and transmit in his musical stories. With those stories taking the crowd on intoxicating journeys. If it’s in a bar on the beach, or an underground club, the vibe he reads is always merged with his musical choice and expressed in his sets.

Quickly making a name for himself on Soundcloud since he restarted DJ-ing. His genre based sessions are already renowned with a revenue of 2000 and even over 4000 plays for nearly every set posted. In only the last 6 months he’s been more active on Soundcloud he gained over 1500 followers and is already being supported in different genres by several artists like Zoi (CA), Aurel den Bossa, Fractal Architect and Tidy Daps.

Growing up at the start of the house music in Europe it’s his believe and understanding that house music has no boundaries and that believe is still visible in his musical preference. He loves to play warm organic deep house as well as darker progressive house and even melodic techno. His musical preference makes him versatile for many house oriented events, clubs, bars and festivals. If it’s a warm up set or a headliner, Flucamin is available for all and is always enjoying the live moments.

His passion, telling stories of emotions and wonder together with the crowd. Because the crowd is the only thing that matters when he plays.

Started: 1993 – 2007
Restarted: 2018 and active since 2020
Skills: Digital, CDJ’s, Vinyl
Using equipment: A&H Xone92, Traktor D2, Traktor F1, Traktor X1, Eventide H9 Harmonizer, NI Maschine MK3
Preferred set length: 2 – 6 hours

Booking Info

Location: Alphen NB, Netherlands

Price Per Gig: £250 to £500 per set

Booking Notice: 7 to 14 Days

Hire Me For: Bars, DJ Residencies, Festivals, Nightclubs, Overseas Contracts, Promo Events

Technical Rider: DJ Monitors, Mixer, Power Outlet, Sound System

Music Genres:

  • Deep House
  • Electro House
  • House Music
  • Minimal Techno
  • Progressive House
  • Soulful House
  • Tech House

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