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DJ Eddie Fields is a purveyor of feel good music ranging from the hypnotic, mellow stuff to the upbeat, energetic stuff. I enjoyed music from an early age but House Music was what made me want to be a DJ. I was inspired by Derrick Carter & The Hotmix 5 DJ Collective. I grew up across the street from Derrick & I saw how much fun he was having doing parties that I was inspired to start DJ'ing to do what he was doing. As far as The Hotmix 5 goes, they introduced me to music I’d never heard before. And I was inspired to be a House DJ because of the incredible music, the sound mixing, & the scratching.

Music is very important to me. It helps me distract my mind away from negativity & just helps me keep my spirits up in general. I play songs that make me & my audience feel good like songs that have beautiful synth works, catchy & pumping basslines, moving vocals, & clever lyrics. I love playing clubs, lounges, bars, & special events. But I don't stop there. I'm a producer & lyricist. But I'm all about playing those songs that move people to tap their feet, nod their head, or head straight for the dancefloor.

Booking Info

Location: Broadview, United States

Price Per Gig: £150 to £300 per set

Booking Notice: 14 to 28 Days

Hire Me For: DJ Residencies

Technical Rider: DJ Monitors

Music Genres:

  • Club Anthems

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