Dima Jeys

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About Dima Jeys

Dima Jeys is experienced DJ and young Producer from Latvia-Riga. After Music School’s graduation he realized that music became part of his life. At 13 years he discovered technical mixing and from that time it is his greatest passion. His Dj career began a year later at small province town North West of Riga.2006 was a break-through in his career. He was invited to work at La Rocca-biggest club in Baltic countries. In a year time he improved his skills at music mixing and achieved the new level. Every set was presented in different form and fulfilled with strong and positive emotions. He likes different styles of music however on the top of his list are: House, Electro, Progressive, Tech-house, deep house, Electronica,Dubstep,Drum&Bass and Trance! At 2007 he decided that he need more experience at the same time he was invited to work at night club Fashion and later night club Voodoo. At the same time he continued his experiments with music and decided to try himself at music production. Now with the new technologies there was a possibility to create music without living the house and he began create his music. Every composition is a reflection of his emotions which he is trying pass to other people. With every new track he is trying to bring something new in sounding; to achieve harmony but in the same time fulfil music with energy. At 2009 he moved to UK looking for a better chance how to prove his talent.
His life motto is:-if form and sound is changing than we are moving.
Dima Jeys.

Booking Info

Location: Ipswich, UK

Price Per Gig: £200 to £400 per set

Booking Notice: 3 to 7 Days

Hire Me For: Corporate Events

Technical Rider: CDJs

Music Genres:

  • Big Room

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