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About DAEZ

<Brief Summary>:
I'm a professional music producer being graduated in Music Production at Microfusa(Barcelona) for two years, and now finalising a bachelor in Digital Music at Solent University in Southampton. I have been doing various projects during these years recording, producing, mixing and also carrying the mastering on each project with the additional help of professional musicians.

DAEZ is a Music Producer and DJ from Spain. He moves in different music genres mainly House to EDM music genres producing several projects into subgenres as Future House, Dance House, Progressive House & more.

With a large experience in DJing starting from a low age to now and doing private events. The performances that He realizes are full of energy, and always keeping the event idea and time table of the customer event requests. With an understanding of the dance floor behaviour to proceed successfully with the event and with a wide range of new and old music. Always carrying the necessary protecting equipment against COVID-19.

He is introducing new fresh music releases and good vibes, connecting sounds with emotions being full of energy. On the Soundcloud links are one DAEZ Remix, and one of his previous releases. His recent release called Reach The Sun was recorded at Microfusa's Studios in Barcelona in cooperation with Duatiiz as Vocals. In February, He will release his first EP as Future House music composed of three songs and a video animation with a brief history for each song. With the collaboration of LISS as Vocals, and other musicians as Nico Pagadi in Guitars, etc.

His career path starts in Microfusa (Barcelona) where He was graduated in the Music Production course during 2 years learning all that includes the music production and the industry as; Music theory, hardware, sound physics, sound design, managing control room, lessons of the music business (publishers, contracts), etc. Also, he has been certified in different DAWs as Protools 101/110, Ableton Live, Reason Propellerhead or Logic X Pro. Currently, He has introduced in a bachelor in Digital Music at Solent University in Southampton.

Any questions? Don't doubt to get in touch.

Booking Info

Location: London, UK

Price Per Gig: £200 to £400 per set

Booking Notice: 3 to 7 Days

Hire Me For: Bars, Corporate Events, DJ Residencies, Festivals, Holiday Resorts, Nightclubs, Promo Events

Technical Rider: CDJs, Mixer, Sound System

Music Genres:

  • Commercial
  • Dance
  • Deep House
  • EDM
  • Future House
  • House Music
  • Progressive House
  • Reggaeton
  • Tech House
  • Techno

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