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About DJ Hoarez

Name: DJ Hoarez

DJ Hoarez is not just a DJ; he's a musical storyteller, and a dancefloor magician. With a career spanning over two decades, Hoarez has consistently pushed the boundaries of electronic music, creating immersive and unforgettable experiences for audiences.

Hoarez's journey into the world of music began at a young age when he fell in love with listening to his Dad's Vinyl records. He then honed in on his craft, spending countless hours perfecting his mixing skills and cultivating an extensive knowledge of music from various genres. It is here where he began to find his own style.

His varied taste in music, combined with a deep understanding of rhythm and melody, has given Hoarez his unique sound. From pulsating EDM beats to soulful house grooves and everything in between, Hoarez's sets take his audiences on a transcendent journey through sound. Also his performance and Mic skills allow him to keep the audiences captivated and dancing all night.

Hoarez's live performances are a testament to his ability to read the crowd and curate a musical experience that resonates with people of all backgrounds. His energy is infectious, and his passion for music and creating an electric atmosphere keeps dancefloors alive.
In addition to his DJing, Hoarez is also an innovator in the studio where he produces original productions and remixes have garnered acclaim from fellow artists alike, pushing the boundaries of electronic music.

DJ Hoarez's music has allowed him to play at various clubs, festivals and corporate events in the UK and now he is looking to connect with diverse audiences worldwide and unite them through the power of music.

As he continues to evolve as an artist and explore new horizons DJ Hoarez remains committed to his mission of spreading love and unity through music. With each performance, he invites his audience to join him on a musical journey.

Booking Info

Location: Cardiff, UK

Price Per Gig: £250 to £500 per set

Booking Notice: 14 to 28 Days

Hire Me For: Corporate Events, DJ Residencies, Festivals, Holiday Resorts, Overseas Contracts

Technical Rider: DJ Monitors, Power Outlet, Sound System

Music Genres:

  • Open Format

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