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About AlexiusVictoria

AlexiusVictoria is a groundbreaking Producer DJ straight out of the Tristate. With the unique ability to transform any typical gathering into a time to remember. Innovative, cutting edge and timeless are three of the best ways to describe AlexiusVictoria’s style. With only 2 years in the music industry, AlexiusVictoria has made a name for herself by incorporating her music knowledge with culture and spirituality. Consistently delivering crowds out of this realm with her song selections, performances and long flowing mixes that blend seamlessly from song to song. Taking you decade through decade, reminiscing and creating altogether new vibrations.. AlexiusVictoria takes control of the dance floor and keeps the crowding transfixed.
With an extensive music knowledge and cultural integrity AlexiusVictoria will always result in a good time. With international influences and inspirations her collection is a wide variety of musical genres, sampling everything from techno and jazz to country and house. Her performances are always one-of-a-kind, moving listeners with an unmatched emotional intensity. Motivating any audience, with an obsession and passion that makes any new listeners a new fan. AlexiusVictoria is in a position to exceed your expectations. Welcome to the AV Club.

Booking Info

Location: Los Angeles, United States

Price Per Gig: £100 to £150 per set

Booking Notice: 1 to 3 Days

Hire Me For: Bars

Technical Rider: CDJs

Music Genres:

  • Club Anthems

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