• Club Anthems
  • House Music
  • Urban Music

Jackie White

  • London, UK
  • Deep House
  • House Music
  • Minimal Techno


  • London, UK
  • Club Anthems

DJ Greeny

  • Hip Hop
  • Open Format
  • RnB


  • Luton, UK
  • Commercial
  • House Music
  • RnB


  • London , UK
  • Dancehall
  • Hip Hop
  • Rap


  • Romford, UK
  • Commercial

Danilo Dumonte

  • Köln, Germany
  • Deep House
  • House Music
  • Tech House


  • Toronto, Canada
  • Big Room
  • EDM
  • Future House

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How to Book a DJ

You would think it's easy to book a DJ for your event. If you've booked a DJ before then it is. You've gone through the process before. But for those who haven't, read our guide below to find out how to book DJs like a pro.

For anyone new to event planning, sourcing a DJ may seem like the easiest part. It is. If you keep things simple and don't over complicate things. If you follow the tips in out guide it will be even easier. Plus much less stressful.

Plan your event like a pro

We get lots of DJ requests in every day from customers. It's amazing how many we get that can't even provide simple info about the event. Your first step should be to plan your event. You will then have all the info you need for the booker. So what details would we need to help you?

The date(s) of your event(s).

How long you would need the DJ to perform for.

What time the DJ would start their set.

The venue name and location.

Music styles you would like played at the event.

Does the venue have sound equipment to use?

A rough budget of what you'd like to spend on a DJ.

As well as the above, try and think of any questions to ask us. It's always best to ask a question, no matter how silly you think it might be. A DJ booker is there to help you after all.

Find and contact a DJ service

Now that you have proper info about your event, you can now find a DJ service. Contact the best one (such as us hint hint) for you and ask for some DJ options. Provide them with the info (you now have from the above section) about your event and what you want.

Top tips:

If you're using an agency, be careful. DJ Agents can be very pushy. They try and drive up a price so they earn a bigger % / more money. You don't have to worry about that with a service like ours because you book DJs direct.

Ask for quotes straight away. You want a proper idea of how much the DJ will cost.

Make sure the company is professional and not just run in someone's spare time. A proper DJ booker will get back to you quickly between 8am and 4pm most days of the week.

Be careful the site isn't a jack of all trades type of service. You know the ones. Where you can book anything from decorators to personal trainers. If you want a professional DJ it's always best to use a specialist service. Otherwise you may have issues at your event with the DJ.

Reasons to use one of our DJs for your event

You can see DJs pricing on the website. You can also contact them direct for a tailored quote for your event. It may mean you get a cheaper price!

We've been supplying DJs to events since the early 00's. You can rely on us to get the best DJs.

We don't charge any commission and you don't have to deal with an agent. Contact DJs direct for quotes. You will only pay the DJs fee. Nothing more.

A wide range of locations, music genres and experience. We have DJs for every budget all around the UK. No matter the music genre(s) you want, we'll have a top DJ for you.

Book for events in the UK or overseas. Our DJs are available for any type of event, anywhere in the world.

You can listen to DJs mixes on their profiles. A sort of try before you buy. This means you can hear their music style and mixing before the event.

Get quotes and then book a DJ

You will want to have a good look around at a number of DJs. Look at their profiles, read info about them and listen to their music.

Shortlist any DJs you fit the bill for you. Contact all the DJs and ask for a quote (giving them the details from section one). When you have all the quotes back, compare them. Then see who has the best value for their experience / who fits your budget.

Contact the DJ you like most and get them booked up asap. Some DJs may require a 10% or 15% deposit. Which is fine. Never pay the whole amount upfront.

We also offer a free service to help you book a DJ. Where we do all the hard work for you. Just give us the info from section one and we will get you a list of quotes. Contact us for more details.

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