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2 Resident DJs for Club in Paceville, Malta

Night Club Residents

Paceville, Malta

Urban, RnB & Hip Hop

Apply by 21/02/2020

We're presently helping a brand new night club in Paceville recruit DJs. They would like to hire to 2 full time residents to start in March. There will be 3 nights work per week. Sets are on Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights. Each DJ will play a 3 hour set. Further hours may also be on offer at one of the chains other night clubs. The music our client wants played is fresh urban music styles such as hip hop and RnB. It's essential the residents can build their sets and create a good vibe though the night. Perfect mixing and track selection is a must. A recent mix set will be needed to support…

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DJs Wanted in Ibiza for Summer 2020

Summer Jobs Abroad

Ibiza, Spain

House, EDM & Ibiza Anthems

Apply by 01/06/2020

We are presently helping a hotel in Ibiza find DJs for gigs in 2020. It will be the 6th year in a row we've helped supply DJs to them. At present there's 18 open slots during the summer. Each DJ will play a weeks worth of gigs at the hotels club and pool. During the week there will be 7 sets. All music DJs play should have an "Ibiza" vibe. Genres such as Ibiza anthems, house and EDM are what the hotel likes. It's important all DJs are perfect mixers, have a good ear for music and know how to work a dance-floor. Pay is negotiable (TBN), but our client would like some prices quotes from DJs. In…

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Summer Resident DJ in Benidorm, Spain

Disco Pub Residency

Benidorm, Spain

Multi Genre

Apply by 02/04/2020

Our client is presently recruiting a DJ for their disco pub in Benidorm. They would like to hire a DJ on a full time basis for 6 months. The residency is due to start in May and end in mid October. There will be 6 nights work per week. Working hours will be 9pm until around 4/5am. The resident will play the best new music and mix all genres together with ease. Genres such as urban club, house, dance and EDM are the main styles the DJ will be playing. The position is ideal for someone who enjoys multi genre sets. It's important to be able to read a crowd, build a set and play the right tracks…

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Guest DJ for Event in Hurghada, Egypt

Event Guest DJ

Hurghada, Egypt

House Music

Apply by 30/04/2020

We're presently helping to find a DJ for a big event in Hurghada. It's taking place at a well known hotel on the 19th of June this year. The booking will be for 2 hours as the headline set of the night. To play from 1am until 3am. Our client would like to hire a DJ who plays fresh (upfront) house music. Genres such as club house & deep house are ideally what they're after. The DJ will need a high level of mixing ability and be confident playing in front of large crowds. It's essential to know how to work a crowd and have experience performing at club events. Our client would like to listen…

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Resident DJ for Resort in Maldives

Resort Resident

Maldives, Indian Ocean

Chillout, House & Nu Disco

Apply by 03/02/2020

We've got a new job opening at a high class resort in the Maldives. Our client would like to bring in a resident as part of a three month contract. The position is from the start of March until the end of May on a full time basis. There will be six days work per week and three sets to play each day. Gigs will be at the resorts beach club and pool. Each day the DJ will play: 1 hour during lunch. 2 hours at sunset. 3 hours during the evening / night. Music at lunch & sunset should be chillout and down tempo. Music at night should be much more upbeat with genres like nu disco and deep house.…

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DJ for Bar Residency in Lancaster, UK

Bar Resident DJ

Lancaster, UK

House & Dance

Apply by N/A

We're presently helping a bar in Lancaster find and recruit a DJ. It's as part of a weekly residency. They are looking for someone to work two nights per week. Sets are on Friday and Saturday nights. The DJs working hours are TBC but will likely be 8pm until 2am. This position will be ideal for a DJ living in (or near) Lancaster who has at least 1 years experience. The resident will have a big passion for music and be highly skilful mixing wise. Music on the nights should be fully bar friendly. Sets should be a good mix of genres such as house and dance. The max price on offer per night is…

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DJ for Summer Residency in Kavos, Greece

Overseas Resident

Kavos, Greece

Open Format

Apply by 06/04/2020

A busy venue in Kavos (Corfu) is presently recruiting a DJ. They would like to hire a full time resident for the 2020 summer season. It will be a 5 month contract in total. The position is due to start in May and end in September. There's 6 nights work per week and each set will be 7-8 hours (TBC). So around 48 hours total work per week (from 8pm until 4am). Our client wants the DJ to play in an open format style. Mixing up popular genres such as dance, house, RnB and current pop. The DJ will need good mixing skills, track selection and a clear voice on a mic. There's a competitive weekly…

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Resident DJ for Resort in Mauritius

Resort Resident DJ

Mauritius, Indian Ocean

Chillout, House & Deep House

Apply by 17/03/2020

A resort of Mauritius is presently looking for a DJ. They require a DJ for 3 month contract which starts in April. There is 6 days work every week and two sets to play per day. Firstly, there's an hour set by the pool for sunset. Secondly, there's 5 set at the resorts night club. Music for the sunset set should be genres such as downtempo and ambient. Music for the night club set needs to be much more upbeat. Genres such as house, deep house and dance will be perfect. As well as mixing music to a high standard, the DJ will have a background at clubs, bars or resorts. The contract comes with a…

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Resident DJ for Bar in Corfu, Greece

Bar Residency Abroad

Corfu, Greece

Open Format

Apply by 04/05/2020

Our client is presently looking to recruit a DJ for their bar in Sidari (Corfu). They would like to hire a resident to start in June and work full time for 4 months. There will be at least 6 nights work a week (exact hours TBC). Nightly sets are around 6 hours. So 36 hours in total per week. The position is perfect for an open format DJ who plays all popular styles of music. Sets should include genres such as pop / commercial, dance, R&B and house. It's a family friendly bar so all music should reflect that. The DJ will be able to mix all styles and have a background DJing at bars or…

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Resident DJ Wanted for Hotel in Dubai

Hotel Resident DJ

Dubai, UAE

Deep House, Soulful House & Nu Disco

Apply by 10/02/2020

We are helping a 5 star hotel in Dubai recruit a DJ. They want to hire a resident to work full time for 3 months. The contract is from the start of March until the end of May. There will be 6 nights work per week with a 5 hour gig per night. So 30 total working hours. The DJ will mix music to a really high standard and have a club, resort or hotel background. Music should cool and fit in with a luxury venue. Genres such as deep house, soulful house, jazzy house and nu disco will be the DJs main styles. There is a tax free monthly salary and a number of working benefits inc flights and board.…

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Guest DJs for Nightclub in Miami, USA

Club Guest DJs

Miami, USA

EDM, House, Tech House & Techno

Apply by 02/03/2020

A leading nightclub in Miami is presently looking for DJs. They would like to book headline acts for one-off guest sets during 2020. Gigs will either be for 2 hours at peak time or an open to close sets (for the right DJs). We will now be helping to find DJs in the States or from overseas. Playing tracks to suit peak time, DJs will need to be at the top of their game mixing wise. It's essential to stand out from the crowd by playing promos or own productions. Music varies at each event but is mainly genres such as EDM, house, tech house or techno. Interested DJs will need to have a good…

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DJ for Bar Residency in Malia, Crete

Overseas Bar Resident

Malia, Crete, Greece

Commercial Open Format

Apply by 13/04/2020

We've got a new job opening at a bar in Malia. Our client would like to recruit a DJ for the 2020 summer season. It's a full time position to work for just over 3 months. The contract is due to start at the end of May. It will end in the second week of September. Our brief is to find a young DJ (18+) based in Europe who plays a commercial open format music style. The DJ will be able to mix a variety of genres such as EDM, house, RnB and dance. Music should be a good mix of the best current big tracks and well known classics. There is 6 nights work per week and split shifts with another…

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DJ for Luxury Event in Dubai

Corporate Event

Dubai, U.A.E

House Music

Apply by 02/03/2020

A luxury swimwear brand is presently looking for a DJ for an event in Dubai. They would like to make a booking for a fashion show / pool party taking place on 02/04/2020. The event will have a chic, beach theme with music to match that. On the night the DJ will mix up a range of tropical, beach and deep house in their set. The gig will be for 3 hours from 7:30pm until 10:30pm. Due to request, the DJ will need event (or club) experience. There will be a full sound and DJ set up supplied for the event at the hotel. Our client would like to listen to mix sets and view DJ profiles asap. Booking…

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DJ for Bar Residency in Bali, Indonesia

Bar Resident DJ

Bali, Indonesia

House Music

Apply by 07/02/2020

Our client is presently looking to recruit a DJ for their bar in Bali. They would like to hire a DJ from abroad to work for 3 months. The contract is due to start in March. There may be an option to extend the contract for a further 3 months if the residency is a success. The position is on a full time basis with 5 nightly sets per week. In total there will be 34 hours work (TBC). The resident will know how to create a good vibe playing various styles of house music. This will include genres such as tropical, deep, funky, chill and tech house. The resident should have at least 1 years live…

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DJ for Corporate Event in Paris, France

Corporate Event

Paris, France

EDM & House

Apply by 02/03/2020

Our client is presently looking for a DJ to perform for a well known brand. They would like to hire a DJ for two gigs on 27/03/2020 at a night club in Paris. The first set will be for a product launch from 6pm until 8pm. The second set will be the event after party from 9pm until 12am. So a total of 5 hours overall play time. Music at both gigs is to be EDM and house. Image and experience is just as important as music and mixing ability. Our client wants to view profiles and listen to mixes to find someone who's the best fit for the event. There's a good budget available (between €400 and…

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DJs for Club Event in London, UK

Nightclub DJ Sets

London, UK

Vocal, Soulful House & Tech House

Apply by 31/01/2020

A new club event in London is looking for DJs. The event is due to launch at the end of February and is the first of 6 dates in 2020. It's taking place at an upmarket members club with 2 rooms of music. The night will be from 10pm until 5am. Our client has a number of slots to fill over the course of the year. They would like to find one resident DJ as well as a number of guest DJs. Both rooms at the event will be house music. Styles such as vocal & soulful house in one room and tech house in the other. DJs who apply will need a recent mix online to show off their mixing skills and music…

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Headline DJs for Club in Melbourne, Australia

Headline DJs

Melbourne, Australia

EDM, House, Techno or Trance

Apply by 01/04/2020

A night club in Melbourne is presently looking for DJs. They would like to hire guests to headline their events with a different DJ each month. Bookings will be on a one-off basis as the peak time sets of the night. Sets will be at least 2 to 3 hours in length. Gigs are due to start in the 2nd quarter of 2020. Playing the best upfront music, DJs will be at the top of their game mixing wise. Music will suit a peak time set and either be the DJs own tracks or upfront promos. Our client is keen to hear from DJs asap who play EDM, house, techno or trance. It's important that anyone applying has a…

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Guest DJs for Club Event in Berlin, Germany

Nightclub Guest DJs

Berlin, Germany

Tech House & Techno

Apply by 31/01/2020

A club event in Berlin is presently looking for DJs. They would like to hire new talent to play as guests at their events. The gigs will be between 2 to 3 hours and the peak time sets of the night. We are now helping them to find DJs. They want to book a different guest every few months playing genres such as tech house or techno. Music needs to be fresh and upfront (either the DJs own tracks or new promos). As well as being perfect mixers, DJs will know how to work a crowd during a peak time set. Must be highly confident and have at least 2 recent demo mixes on their profile. Booking prices…

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