Book a DJ: Advertise your gig and get DJ price quotes

Are you looking to book a DJ? Our agency can connect you directly with DJs when you advertise your gig. Fill out the quick form below to send your advert and we’ll post it for you. There is no cost to advertise. It’s completely free.


Q: Where do you have DJs available?

A: Our extensive roster features DJs all over the world. Whether you’re looking for a DJ near you, or from overseas, we can help.

Q: Which type of events do you provide DJs for?

A: We can supply DJs for a host of event types. During the past year we have provided DJs for nightclubs, bars and holiday resorts. In addition, we frequently supply DJs for promotional events, product launches and in store events. We do not deal with weddings or parties.

Q: What are the costs?

A: The only cost for you is the price you agree with the DJ. There’s no booking or commission fees.

Q: How soon will my advert be shown?

A: We manually review all adverts. After we validate your advert your advert will be shown on our jobs page.


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